Trail Park

The June 15th Combined Test is Cancelled

2018 saw the development of the SGF Trail Park. We are excited to announce that we have a few new obstacles that will be added to the line up this year along with a few 'new' type of competitions. We have found that the park is a great great compliment to what we’re already doing on the farm. Mountain Trail like Eventing stresses good horsemanship, developing a partnership with your horse, challenging you and your horse while having fun!

A Challenge will test a horse and rider’s ability to navigate both natural and man-made obstacles in a safe manner and with technical skills that demonstrate great horsemanship. The Challenges are judged events designed to show the confidence, boldness and athletic ability of all breeds and disciplines of horses (including Minis) and mules while being challenged by trail obstacles. Judging combines technical and stylistic elements coupled with consideration of “degree of difficulty.” Each show will have three levels of difficulty that are designed to challenge but not intimidate riders. Attire and tack required for participating must be neat, clean and in good working order.