Mountain Trail Clinic & Judge's Master Class


  • Clinic Fee: $50

  • Auditors $15

  • Judges: No Charge


  • Day stall $25

  • Stall must be left clean

  • If you are stabling for the Sunday Challenge sign up for a stall on that sign up

April 30, 2022

  • A great way to learn more about Mountain Trail and the Hybrid Scoring System which is used at Stone Gate Farm and Shenanigans Stables.

  • While geared towards those new to the sport, there will be something for everyone

  • There will be Demo Rides as well as Judges who will work with you to help you learn how successfully navigate the obstacles, understand what is being judged and how to improve your ride and scores.

  • Small all groups for more individual attention

  • Participants will be working over the obstacles that will be used for the competition the next day. Sign up for the May 2nd challenge HERE

  • Pre-entry only as space is limited

  • The clinic will last approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours beginning at 12:30

  • Participants are welcome to stay after the clinic to work on more obstacles


More info for those participating in the clinic can be found HERE

Stall Assignments - You may help yourself to the shavings in stall 64. Just a reminder, unless you have paid for stall cleaning, please strip your stalls.