Mountain Trail Challenges

2021 SGF Mountain Trail Challenges 'Buckle Series'

May 2

May 29 - 30

August 14 - 15 Click here for more Information and Registration

The Weekend shows are run as two separate 1 day shows

Saturday Schedule Alpha List.pdf
Saturday Schedule.pdf

Sunday Schecule ~ Alpha.pdf
Sunday Schedule.pdf

August 14 - 15 Updates:

Links for Important information for Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to use your own number, please let me know.

Ride times for Saturday are now available. Since it may still be hot you will be doing your in hand ride and approximately 15 minutes later you will be doing your riding. Please do your In Hand classes with your saddle on and have your bridle handy in the warm up area.

There will be a second judge for about an hour in the morning and we are looking for another scribe.

Sunday ride times and patterns will be available Friday evening.

May 29 - 30 Mountain Trail Updates:

For Saturday Only: With the weather prediction I tried to get everyone in and out within an hour. Please do your in hand classes with your saddle on and bridle handy so you can do a quick tack change. The only down side is that you may have to leave before class placings are final. Hopefully most of you will be here on Sunday as well.

Numbers, scores and ribbons will be available under the pavilion. And remember HELMETS ARE REQUIRED while mounted. I'll get the Sunday schedule out later (whicj will be more normal) I have to go out and get some stuff done while it's not raining.

Important Links May 29.pdf
Important Links Sunday May 30.pdf
Hybrid Scoring System.pptx

New for 2021

  • The New Hybrid Scoring system and more (read the full document)

  • Adding the new Green division that is that are for horses and riders in their first year of either Level 1 and/or 2

  • Allowing Level 1 competitors to trot between obstacles (not to be scored)

  • Level 2 will have 2 scored trot movements, and Level 3 will have 2 canter movements scored

  • New obstacles including a 48' bridge over the pond

  • New volunteer program with perks/ More to come....


  • ONLY Online pre-registered and payments allowed

  • Entries close the Tuesday before the competiton to allow for time to schedule the ride times

  • We're going to try to Ride times will be scheduled

  • Times will be available here on the Thursday before the competition

  • The Order of go will be dependent on the entries received. In hand classes will run before mounted classes.

  • Course schooling will be available the day before the competition from 9:00 - 7:00 and the morning of the competition from 6:00am - 8:00am


  • Novice: defined as the first TWO years the handler/rider is competing trail obstacles in any organized trail or cowboy race competitions. If a competitor wins 3 classes in the first year, they are NOT eligible the second year

  • Youth: Any rider age 6 to 17.

  • Adult: Riders 18 years and over (no trainers)

  • Open: Open to all riders except Novice.

  • Green: Open to any horse and/or rider in their first year competing at the level (replaces Jr Horse) This is an OPEN division

  • Trainers: Anyone who is paid to train or give lessons, can only enter OPEN classes


  • Lead Line: Handler on the ground, horse on lead with person in the saddle. Open to riders of any age requiring to be led. Will ride the Novice pattern.

  • Novice: Walking over obstacles with a lesser degree of difficulty than Level 1, Obstacles that move, such as the Tetter Totter and the Water Box will NOT be used as well as the balance beam,

  • Level 1: Training, walk only, in hand or riding. 90 degree are allowed. May trot between obstacles with no penalty

  • Level 2: Intermediate, walk and trot in hand and riding 180 & 360 degree turn on some obstacles. There will be two trot sections that will be judged seperate from the obstacles.

  • Level 3: Masters, walk, trot, and canter, 180 & 360 degree turns on some obstacles. There will be 2 seperate canter sections that will be judged

Entry Notes:

  • Each rider / horse combo can enter up to 2 levels

    • Novice - Level 1

    • Level 1 - Level 2

    • Level 2 - Level 3

  • Novice riders may NOT ride in any Level 2 or Level 3 class

  • Trainers can ONLY enter Open r Money classes

Stabling Notes:

  • All horses staying overnight MUST be in a stall, PLEASE: no horses in paddocks or tied to trailers overnight

  • NO BEDDING provided but available for purchase

  • Stalls must be stripped.

  • A separate $25 stall clean deposit is required unless paying for the stall cleaning service. Check will be destroyed if stall left stripped

  • A stall cleaning service is available for $10 (Stall deposit is not required)


  • Class fee: $20.00/class

  • Course Schooling: $25/horse, the day before competition AND the morning of the competition until 8:00AM

  • Stabling:

    • $65 weekend (2 nights)

    • $45 overnight

    • $25 day

  • Stall cleaning service: $10/stall. Stalls

  • Tack stalls (if available) $20

  • Bedding:

    • Shavings: $7/bag

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