IMTCA Trail Challenges

Results for the August 8 & 9 Trail Challenges

Buckle Series Results 'Coming Soon'

Saturday - August 8, 2020 Results.pdf
Sunday - August 9, 2020 Results.pdf

Photo courtesy: Jessica Roslan

Saturday Schedule and Ride Times

IMTCA Mountain Trail Challenges

New Buckle Series - more info coming soon

Each weekend runs as two separate shows.

May 24 - 25, 2020 (Sunday & Memorial Day)

August 8 - 9, 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

Saturday Ride Times ~ Alpha List ~ UPDATED.pdf
Saturday Schedule - UPDATED.pdf

* Saturday August 8 Patterns and Video 'Walk Through' will use the Sunday May 24 patterns which will still say Sunday, not to worry they are the correct maps.

* Novice will do the same pattern both days.

* Sunday Patterns for Levels 1, 2, and 3 are be different. The Directives and the Video 'Walk Through' are posted below.

* Sunday Patterns are now available

Hover over the map and click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner to be able to down load and print

Novice Pattern - Sunday.pdf
Level 1 Sunday.pdf
Level 2 Pattern - Sunday.pdf
Level 3 Pattern Sunday.pdf
Level 3 Directions.pdf


Sunday Pattern Directives.pdf

Sunday Patterns and Diagrams of some obstacles:

Sunday Pattern Level 1.pdf
Sunday Pattern Level 3.pdf
PIck up Sticks Level 1.pdf
PIck up Sticks Level 3.pdf
Sunday Pattern Level 2.pdf
Logs Level 2 & 3 Diagram.pdf
PIck up Sticks Level 2.pdf
Diagram for Level 3 Canter - Obstacles 11. 12. 13.pdf

SGF NEW Buckle Series

Year End Awards

We're looking forward to hosting four IMTCA sanctioned competitions in 2020 held over two weekends. Members can earn points towards year end awards and qualifying for the regional championships to be held at Creek Side Horse Park in September.


  • Pre-entries will only be available through on-line registration to streamline the entry and scheduling process.
  • We're going to try to SCHEDULE RIDE TIMES FOR THOSE WHO PRE-ENTER. Post entries may be limited will go at the beginning of their level.
  • Times will be available Thursday before the competition
  • The Order of go will be dependent on the entries received. In hand classes will run before mounted classes.
  • Course schooling will be available the day before the competition from 12:00 - 7:00 and the morning of the competition from 6:00am - 8:00am


  • Novice: defined as the first year the handler/rider is competing trail obstacles in any organized trail or cowboy race competitions.
  • Youth: Any rider age 6 to 17. If entries warrant classes will be split 6-12 and 13 - 18
  • Adult: Riders 18 years and over
  • Open: Open to all riders except Novice.
  • Trainers: Anyone who is paid to train or give lessons, can only enter OPEN classes
  • Junior Horse: Any horse 6 months to 5 years old. This is an OPEN division.


  • Lead Line: Handler on the ground, horse on lead with person in the saddle. Open to riders of any age requiring to be led. Will ride the Novice pattern.
  • Novice: Walking over obstacles with a lesser degree of difficulty than Level 1
  • Level 1: Training, walk only, in hand or riding
  • Level 2: Intermediate, walk and trot in hand and riding 180 & 360 degree turn on some obstacles.
  • Level 3: Masters, walk, trot, and canter, 180 & 360 degree turns on some obstacles.

Entry Notes:

  • Each rider / horse combo can enter up to 2 levels
    • Novice - Level 1
    • Level 1 - Level 2
    • Level 2 - Level 3
  • Novice riders may NOT ride in any Level 2 or Level 3 class
  • Trainers can ONLY enter Open or Money classes

Stabling Notes:

  • All horses staying overnight MUST be in a stall, PLEASE: no horses in paddocks or tied to trailers overnight
  • NO BEDDING provided but available for purchase
  • Stalls must be stripped.
  • A separate $25 stall clean deposit is required unless paying for the stall cleaning service. Check will be destroyed if stall left stripped
  • A stall cleaning service is available for $10 (Stall deposit is not required)

Pre-Entry Fees:

  • Adult $20.00/class pre-entry, $25.00/class show day.
  • Youth: $15.00/class pre-entry, $20.00/class show day
  • Course Schooling: $25/horse, the day before competition AND Saturday until 8:00AM
  • Stabling:
    • $60 weekend (2 nights)
    • $45 overnight
    • $25 day
  • Stall cleaning service: $10/stall. Stalls
  • Tack stalls (if available) $20
  • Bedding:
    • Shavings: $7/bag
    • Straw $4/bale

Quick Links

  • For more information on Mountain Trail go the International Mountain Trail Association’s website.
  • We will be following the IMTCA Rules & will be using IMTCA Judges. Check out the links for the
  1. IMTCA Rulebook
  2. 2019 Judge's Quick Reference
  3. Equipment NOT ALLOWED