Mountain Trail Challenges

2022 SGF Mountain Trail Challenges 'Buckle Series'

May 1

May 29 - 30 Memorial Day

August 13 - 14

The Weekend shows are run as two separate 1 day shows


Congratulations to the Buckle Series Winners!!

  • Novice: Olya Lehman & Lacey

  • Youth: Haylee Kelley & Jamie

  • Adult: Lisa Schell & Leo Cita Rocket

  • Open: Susan Malencia & Crush

Updates For August 13 - 14 Trail Challenges

August 13 - Saturday

August 14 - Sunday

May 1st Challenge Results

Results - May 1.pdf

May 1st Trail Challenge - Below is a list of files for patterns

Important Links May 1, 2022.pdf

Quick Links

Hybrid Scoring System.pptx

The Hybrid Scoring System & more

  • The New Hybrid Scoring system and more (read the full document)

  • Adding the new Green division that is that are for horses and riders in their first year of either Level 1 and/or 2

  • Allowing Level 1 competitors to trot between obstacles (not to be scored)

  • Level 2 will have 2 scored trot movements, and Level 3 will have 2 canter movements scored

  • Volunteer and earn free schooling vouchers


  • ONLY Online pre-registered and payments allowed

  • Entries close the Tuesday before the competiton to allow for time to schedule the ride times

  • Ride times will be scheduled

  • Times will be available here on the Thursday before the competition

  • The Order of go will be dependent on the entries received. In hand classes will run before mounted classes.

  • Course schooling will be available the day before the competition from 9:00 - 7:00 and the morning of the competition from 6:00am - 8:00am


  • Novice: defined as the first TWO years the handler/rider is competing trail obstacles in any organized trail or cowboy race competitions. If a competitor wins 3 classes in the first year, they are NOT eligible the second year

  • Youth: Any rider age 6 to 17.

  • Adult: Riders 18 years and over (no trainers)

  • Open: Open to all riders except Novice.

  • Green: Open to any horse and/or rider in their first year competing at the level (replaces Jr Horse) This is an OPEN division

  • Trainers: Anyone who is paid to train or give lessons, can only enter OPEN classes


  • Lead Line: Handler on the ground, horse on lead with person in the saddle. Open to riders of any age requiring to be led. Will ride the Novice pattern.

  • Novice: Walking over obstacles with a lesser degree of difficulty than Level 1, Obstacles that move, such as the Tetter Totter and the Water Box will NOT be used as well as the balance beam,

  • Level 1: Training, walk only, in hand or riding. 90 degree are allowed. May trot between obstacles with no penalty

  • Level 2: Intermediate, walk and trot in hand and riding 180 & 360 degree turn on some obstacles. There will be two trot sections that will be judged seperate from the obstacles.

  • Level 3: Masters, walk, trot, and canter, 180 & 360 degree turns on some obstacles. There will be 2 seperate canter sections that will be judged

Entry Notes:

  • Each rider / horse combo can enter up to 2 levels

    • Novice - Level 1

    • Level 1 - Level 2

    • Level 2 - Level 3

  • Novice riders may NOT ride in any Level 2 or Level 3 class

  • Trainers can ONLY enter Open r Money classes

Stabling Notes:

  • All horses staying overnight MUST be in a stall, PLEASE: no horses in paddocks or tied to trailers overnight

  • NO BEDDING provided but available for purchase

  • Stalls must be stripped.

  • A separate $25 stall clean deposit is required unless paying for the stall cleaning service. Check will be destroyed if stall left stripped

  • A stall cleaning service is available for $10 (Stall deposit is not required)


  • Class fee: $20.00/class

  • Course Schooling: $25/horse, the day before competition AND the morning of the competition until 8:00AM

  • Stabling:

    • $65 weekend (2 nights)

    • $45 overnight

    • $25 day

  • Stall cleaning service: $10/stall. Stalls

  • Tack stalls (if available) $20

  • Bedding:

    • Shavings: $7/bag