June Mini Trials

June 30, 2024

Opening Date: May 16     'Early Bird' Discount ENDS  June 4th                     Closing Date: June 18

Please Note:

Due to too many competitors who submit incomplete entries and not responding to e-mails, text messages or voice mails, ALL INCOMPLETE ENTRIES WILL BE PUT ON THE WAIT LIST UNTIL COMPLETE. You will receive an e-mail when your entry is received, READ IT. It will tell you if you are missing anything, If you do NOT receive an e-mail CHECK YOUR ENTRY STATUS. All all 'early bird' entries that are not complete by June 4th will loose the 'early bird' discount and will have to pay back the discount using the Additional Fes link. Additionally any entry that is NOT complete by closing date, June 18th, will be assessed a late fee of $25 that can also be paid by using the same link. We are not trying to make money from you, we are trying to teach you to get your entries completed in a timely fashion. To those who send in complete and correct entries, thank you! 

Requirements for a Complete Entry:  Please Note

~ completed entry form with the correct division, horse & rider names

~ payment

~ current coggins (if one is already on file with SGF, another is not needed)

~ Vaccination record (if one is not already on file)

~ Stone Gate Farm Release Form (if one is already on file, another is not needed)

~ USEA Release Form

~ for those stabled, either the stall deposit OR stall cleaning stall cleaning service. NOT BOTH please.

ALL LINKS can be found on the Blue Horse Entry Page under Quick Links


  Intro and Very Green: Intro Test B

Starter: Starter Test

All other Levels do Test A

What you can find in the Competitors Corner located on the west side of the Pavilion:



Cross Country Schooling notes, click here


Show Jumping

Cross Country

Stabling & Parking

Before Entering Please read the Omnibus Page on Blue Horse is now available carefully.  In addition review the Guide for Entering and Notes from the Secretary Be sure to go to the Mini Page for more information and links.

Enter via Blue Horse and sign up to volunteer via VIP.                                 Click on Sign Up Now for Schooling 

Sample Sign Up for a Group Cross Country Schooling.pdf
Sign Up for Cross Country Schooling

For Cross Country Schooling Friday and Saturday before the Mini

Saturday Show Jumping Schooling