Volunteer Sign Up


Thank you for volunteering at Stone Gate Farm; we couldn’t run the competitions without you.   We will be using the Volunteer incentive Program (VIP) system that is similar to the Sign Up Genius that we have been using but VIP has the capacity to track volunteer hours and produce a ‘leaderboard’ so we can have a Volunteer of the Year Award

The Venue link will take you to all the competitions at SGF.  You will be directed to the 'information' page and then click on the 'event' tab to see a list of competitions.  Click on the competition(s) that you would like to volunteer.

How to get started:

If you do not already have an account with Eventing Volunteer and you would like to volunteer for this and other competitions you will first need to set up an account.

There are not specific times posted on the sign up as that will be dependent on the number of entries we receive.  As a general rule we do not start before 8:00 and we are finished by 5:00 and @ the recognized events we are usually done by 2:30 on cross country day. The final schedules will be posted on the volunteer schedule page by the Thurs before the competition and you will receive a e-mail reminder before the event so be sure to check your e-mail. PLEASE  confirm that you have reviewed the schedule and your availability by clicking here

In order to keep an accurate track of your volunteer hours, you will need to sign in and out using the VIP app which you can download here for Android and Apple.

Thanks again for volunteering!!                                        

Registering for an Account:

Signing Up for the Event: