Volunteer Schedules

Volunteer Schedules

September Mini Trials

Thank you so much for volunteering at the Mini Trials ! We couldn’t do it without your help! We are extremely short staffed this time around and you will be jump judging alone and covering more fences than usual. Hopefully since it is for a relatively short period of time you'll be OK. Unfortunately we scheduled the ride times BEFORE we saw how few volunteers we got and some of you will be running from one job to another, Be sure you know where you are going and take your car with you to your first assignment so you can quickly get from on location to another. I'm still trying to get reinforcements but I'm not too hopeful. If you have a friend you want to bring long, please feel free. Thanks again.

ALL volunteers NEED to e-sign a Stone Gate Farm Release form (if not already done, only needs to be done once a year)

Please check out the links below as well as the Volunteer Resource page that has important information that will help make your job easier, including NEW instructional videos.

All parking will be down below by the stabling barns in the designated car parking area. If there is a dressage test going on in the ring closest to the drive please wait until they are done. Please check in at the volunteer table under the pavilion a half hour before your scheduled start time.

Links: Please check the links below for the schedule as some times or assignments may have changed. If by chance you can’t make it please text me at 330-277-6964


Dressage warm up for rings 1 & 2 will start in the sand ring below Show Jumping . Riders for rings 1 and 2 will be sent to the final warm up 5 minutes before the start of their test. Competitors will enter and exit the final warm up to the left of the dome. Please instruct riders to enter the arena as soon as the horse before them heads down the centerline for their final halt for ONE lap around the inside of the ring at the trot and then exit to wait for the signal to start. Sunday the on deck rider may quietly warm up in Ring 2. We need to stay on schedule!

Show Jumping:

Show jumping will go in reverse order of placing. There are some horses who are going with multiple riders. The lowest place rider will go first to allow enough time for the higher placed person time to warm up

Cross Country:

Since you are all experienced jump judges there will be no rules briefing. Please refer to the schedule for check in times. Don't forget to drop off your lunch orders. Please review the guidelines for jump judging and watch the video on the resource page as we are going to try to keep the briefing short and sweet. For those who are riding in the morning, you may pick up your clipboard and radio at the volunteer table under the pavilion. You may drive your car to your jump just to keep you more comfortable. PLEASE DO NOT drive in the alfalfa fields. But be sure to bring a chair if you won't be using a car. We will be scoring live so it is very important that you clearly call in any penalties at your fence as they happen. WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING MAPS, PLEASE GO TO THE LINK ABOVE TO VIEW AND PRINT MAPS IF YOU NEED TO.

We’ll provide lunch on Saturday ONLY as there is no food vendor on Sunday. snacks & water but feel free to bring you favorite snacks. Dressage and Show Jumping will pick up their lunches at the food trailer, they should be ready and waiting for you if you submitted an order. Cross Country lunches will be delivered.


  • Be sure to Download the Eventing Volunteers mobile app for iPhone & iPad or Android.Volunteer Check in. That way we can keep track for new volunteer awards.

  • Any last minute updates will be made on the Stone Gate Farm Facebook page.

  • Check in at the pavilion near near show jumping

  • Check in 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before schedule start time

  • Briefings will be conducted at the scheduled times

  • We’ll provide lunch, snacks & water but feel free to bring you favorite snacks. Since cross country is only running for one hour on Saturday, it is unlikely that we will be able to order and deliver lunches deliver lunches so please plan accordingly. I will give your name to the food vendor and you can pick up a sandwich either before or after you're finished. ALL others, be sure to fill out a lunch order form and leave it in a designated container at the pavilion OR if they aren't busy leave it at the food trailer.

  • Bring a chair and umbrella (hopefully for the sun not rain)

  • Check the volunteer resource page for job descriptions and other resources