Dressage Show & 'Fix a Test'

Dressage Show & 'Fix a Test'

May 2, 2020

Be sure to read the NEW Protocols when coming to Stone Gate Farm

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Notes to Competitors of the May 2nd Dressage Show.docx
May 2nd Dressage Show Schedule.pdf

Stabling Area Map Stall assignments

Stabling Area Map - Aug '17.doc
2020 Dressage Show Stabling.pdf

NEW Closing Date: April 28

The Dressage Show and Test Clinic is a great opportunity for horses and/or riders who are new to competing gain real show experience in a low key environment. It is also ideal for those who just what to improve their competition rides and work through imperfections they may encounter during the test.

Riders may choose to simply ride dressage test, participate in the clinic which includes an assisted warm up and ‘fix a test’. Those participating in the assisted warm up will work with Kyle Smith (ICP Certified Instructor & CCI** competitor) for the last 20 minutes of your warm up to prepare you for your ride. You will then ride the test for the show and be judge by Jackie Smith (USEF Licensed Judge, ICP Certified Instructor & CCI** competitor).

If you are riding in the ‘Fix a Test’ you will ride the test & be judged, followed by a critique of the ride and assistance from Jackie to help the rider with problem spots. If a second test is entered, it immediately follow unless a requested otherwise.

Ribbons will be awarded through 6th place.

Competitors can choose from the following:

  • assisted warm up
  • 'Fix a Test' (includes one test)
  • Dressage tests only


  • Assisted Warm-up: $30
  • ‘Fix a Test Clinic’: $50 (includes ONE test)
  • Tests: $25
  • Stabling: $25 NO BEDDING – MUST be stripped
  • Shavings: $7/bag
  • Straw $4/bale
  • $10 stall cleaning fee or a a separate $25 deposit check which will be destroyed if stall is stripped