Derby Cross

April 21, 2024 

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Welcome to the  Stone Gate Farm Derby Cross

April 21, 2024

                                             Opening Date: March 5th                                                                                          Closing Date: April 16

The Derby Cross will give competitors the opportunity to practice both their show jumping and cross country to help prepare for the upcoming season. The Derby Cross will be utilizing the large limestone and the lower sand rings with a mix of cross country and show jumping obstacles on reliable footing.  

The objective, in addition to practicing show jumping, is to establish a rhythm over solid jumps. The speed will be slightly faster than the normal show jumping speeds due to the cross country element of the competition.

There will be schooling session before each section which will be limited as to providing a safe and productive environment.  Each section within the level will be scored as one class.  Additional rounds may be available if there is time allows.

                Levels                                 Height                         Jumping Efforts                     Speed

    Intro                                               1' - 18"                                 8 - 12 180mpm

    Starter                                            2’ – 2’3”                             10 – 14                            280 mpm

    Beginner Novice                           2’7” max                             14 – 18                           320 mpm

    Novice                                           2’11” max                           16 – 20                            340 mpm

    Training                                         3’3” max                             18 – 22                           360 mpm

    Modified                                        3’5” max                             20 – 24                            375 mpm

Please Note:  

·         The same rider/horse may enter two consecutive levels

·         The A & B sections of Starter and Beginner Novice are only for scheduling purposes.  DO NOT enter both sections

·         The A & B sections will be judged and pinned as one class

·         Additional Rounds may be available if time allows.  They will run at the end of each section and may be entered the day of the competition

·         Stalls must be stripped


·         Entry fee (including schooling)                    $50 / class

·         Additional Rounds (if time available)       $20/ round

·         Weekend Stabling                                                 $65

·         One Night Stabling                                               $45

·         Day stall                                                                 $25

·         Shavings                                                                 $ 8 / bag

On-line Payment

 Derby Cross Rules: The Cross Derby will follow the USEA/USEF Jumping & Cross Country phases rules. USEF rules for Cross Country dress and tack will be followed.  All Riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmet, protective vests, and medical armband. Willful delay will be enforced. Competitors may enter more than one level but would be expected not to enter their horses less than one level below which they are currently competing. No coaching during competition, but highly encouraged in our schooling sessions. Divisions will run from low to high to allow for move-ups. There will be an audible signal to start. Fall of horse or rider during jumping phase is immediate elimination and you must leave the course.


Show Jumping

o    Knock Down -- 4 points

o    1st Refusal -- 4 points

o    2nd Refusal -- 8 points

o    3rd refusal at the fence – Elimination

Cross Country Fences

o    1st refusal – 20 penalties

o    2nd refusal at the same fence – 40 penalties

o    3rd refusal at the same fence -- Elimination

o    2nd refusal on course at a different fence – 20 penalties

o    3rd refusal on course at a third fence – 20 penalties 

 Additional Reasons for Eliminations

o    4th cumulative refusal on the whole course

o    Fall of horse or rider

o    Skipping or missing a fence 

o    Exceeding time limit 

o    Leaving the arena

Time Penalties

o    .4 for every second over Optimum Time

o    Willful delay, as defined by the USEF Rules for Eventing – 8 points 

Ties will be broken by the closest to Optimum Time