GPS: Galloping, Pace, & Steeplechase Clinic

Rescheduled for May 17th

Be sure to read the NEW Protocols when coming to Stone Gate Farm

GPS Clinic: Galloping / Pace / Steeplechase

Sunday May 17, 2020 @ Stone Gate Farm in the all weather show jumping rings

3325 SR 45 – Salem, OH 44423

Closing Date: May 12th

Picture you and your horse galloping together in balance and rhythm effortlessly shifting gears from an easy gallop at 350 mpm to a more serious pace of 450mpm or even 520mpm and know just what each of these speeds ‘feel’ like after practicing on a measured track. After mastering the gallop with the correct position, desired speed and balance; finish up the session by cruising over a few simulated steeplechase type fences.

The clinic will begin with a demonstration by Kyle Smith show the correct position for the rider, the various speeds and balance required with a discussion led by Jackie Smith. Both are USEA ICP certified instructors and both have competed in the “Classic” full format 3 day event with steeplechase.

This clinic is for any rider who is interested in learning more about the proper galloping position, pace, and the thrill of ‘chase’. Riders will be grouped by experience and the speed and size of the fences will be appropriate for the level.

New for 2020:

  • Headsets for all riders so they can receive and hear coaching as they are galloping!
  • electronic timers for more accurate timing
  • better viewing for riders and auditors
  • possible drone video


  • On-line Registration ONLY
  • On-line payment ONLY
  • Stone Gate Farm ONLINE release form for 2020
  • will meet on the track dress is cross country attire – vest and medical arms are recommended
  • come early to watch the other groups


  • Clinic Fee: $50
  • Weekend Stall: $65
  • Overnight Stalls: $45
  • Day Stalls: $25